Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Statist Paradise


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Bostonians are cowering in their homes in fear hoping the police catch the perp? I am very comfortable knowing I am equipped to terminate an intruder.

JimB said...

Chris Wallace (Fox News)asked a similar question this morning... How many people (who advocate gun control), who were told to stay in their houses, would be able to defend their selves if one of the "bombers" decided to break in and take them as hostages???? I hope all the anti gun nuts were watching. I'm sure they would HAVE some lame excuse though.

Brian said...

To say that we have been bombarded ad nauseum by the media over this may be an understatement. I am already sick of hearing about this on every channel.

I have a feeling this kid snuck thru the big perimeter.

Out here in the west, he would probably find himself shot within a few feet of any front door. In Boston, with all of their anti gun statists he is probably safe.