Monday, March 25, 2013

Save the SS United States!

I couldn't help noticing these two stories today about an old ship called the "SS United States." One here:

And then one from the liberals with a new photo here:

We have this once great ship, rusting away in an eastern harbor. I couldn't help but notice the similarities between that ship and our country. What should we do?

When automakers and banks are going belly up- we bail them out. Why would we stop there?

In keeping with established themes- here is what I think we should do.

First we need a government takeover. Then we should drag this heap over to the Pacific Rim where we can refurbish it with taxpayer subsidized workers earning a dollar an hour. After we burn through a billion or two- we can then return the ship to America. We will sell government subsidized cruises on it complete with working toilets. We can create 1000 or so jobs- and we can even have a small army of TSA workers patting down passengers before they board.

Of course the ship will never turn a profit but that isn't the point. We can feel good about ourselves. Isn't that the real point?

I think we should re-christian the ship, the "USS Obama." Like everything the government does, whether it's Social Security, the Dept. of Energy or Obamacare- we will never be able to get rid of this ship. It makes perfect sense to me.


Anonymous said...

Will the captain go down with the ship?

Anonymous said...

LOL that is stellar! was thinking more along the lines of you didn't build that.