Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And Then Boehner Says...Go Fuck Yourself...

I'm not running a Disney style blog here- at least not yet.

First up....Harry Reid accuses House Speaker Boehner of running a dictatorship which was broadcast nationally. Showing the good sense of grown adults, John Boehner addressed the accusation in private. I gotta say, I might have done the same thing. From Jammie Wearing Fool.

Last night I wrote a piece about the death of the Republican Party. This is occurring before your very eyes. The left controls the dialogue. The Republican Party is absolutely right that we have a spending problem except that it no longer matters who is right.

Just because you are the fastest horse in any given race, does not mean you are going to win. The mob is winning. The GOP has been marginalized, out muscled, and killed. Zombieland.

Here then is a clip of a Republican Representative that voted against the fiscal cliff deal last night. He is from Louisiana. It is proof positive that our politicians know exactly how bad this is and refuse to act. But the best part of this clip is the liberal news media interviewer. At the end, pay attention to how she labels him. That is how the media controls the dialogue in this country. She essentially marginalizes him  as a fringe element kook. The party of zombies.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the libtard moonbats running the show will see the light of day when Haiti looks like a paradise and Somalia is sending us care packages. Then again, I wouldn't count on it. They're not smart enough to know how stupid they are.