Saturday, November 17, 2012

The GOP Has Nobody To Blame Except the GOP

For two weeks now, I've listened to the whine. I've seen it at Ace of Spades, at righty sites like American Thinker, Real Clear Politics, and even the smaller places like Conservatives on Fire hosted by my friend Jim.

Nasty chicago style politics or voter fraud. The Libertarians. The GOP voter base stayed home in protest.

I have a news flash for the GOP faithful. Nobody lost this election but you. There is a lesson to be learned here but sadly many of the GOP faithful will miss it.

Years ago as a very young cop, I lost a case in criminal court. The defendant had lied his ass off and his defense attorney spent an hour or two attacking me personally. Eventually the judge ruled in the defendant's favor. In the hallway, after the court room had cleared- my ass was on fire- I was pissed. I spotted the defense attorney and I called him a coward and a liar. Straight out. You know what that bastard said to me?

"Quit your whining. Get better or get used to losing."

I never forgot that attorney or that lesson. I did get better. But I never crossed the line. I didn't lie under oath ever. If I screwed up- I admitted it. That lawyer to this day, will assist his clients by coaching them on how to lie and not get caught. Can you win by lying? Sure. On a personal level, I got tired of being a cop- playing by one set of rules while the defense plays by another. Do cops lie? You bet your ass they do and often that's the only way they can lock up a defendant who has every court room advantage. I don't condone cops who lie but I understand why they do. That willingness to compete on any level- to win at all costs- is part of the question we all ask ourselves. Is it worth it?

The GOP and it's supporters are in the same boat. You've come to the gunfight armed with a knife, twice now. McCain and Romney are completely squish Republicans. In my eyes, they are liberals. This is the best your party could do? How can you guys get better, how do you win?

Here's the kicker. A real conservative, Dr. Paul, would have won. I'm not kidding. Ron Paul has the most predictable and conservative voting record in all of Congress. Paul appeals to the left and to the right. He appeals to the libertarians. But he wasn't pretty enough for the GOP. He wasn't squish or moderate. The GOP did everything they could to ruin Paul's chances even after he won Iowa in the primaries. And they did. In the process- they ruined their own chances of winning. Paul is very popular. Much more so than people think. But then again- you'd have to be in touch with the people who know that. Your very own base.

So I'm not going to shed a tear for the GOP or their adherents. You lost. "Get better or get used to losing."

Come up with a candidate with real conservative appeal. Old rich whitey with a liberal voting record has lost his appeal. Quit trying to be moderate by offering up people like McCain and Romney. The liberals aren't falling for that, neither are the independents. Quit whining, find a way to win, or go the way of the Whigs.

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Anonymous said...

It was theirs to lose and they did just that (how incompetent does a guy or a party have to be when they can't knock over a disaster like Obama?). I never liked Romney from the beginning anyhow.