Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random and Unique Election Night Thoughts*Updated

The Libertarian Party is what the GOP used to be.

Today, I blacked in that circle next to Gary Johnson's name knowing three things in advance.

He stands for limited government. He has no chance of winning. In Idaho, our four electoral votes always go to the GOP. Always.

I'll tell you something else. There are a lot of Ron Paul bumper stickers and signs in this town. I actually think at least a few thousand people will vote Libertarian in Boise. It will be interesting to see how many people like me- see absolutely no discernible, philosophical difference between Romney and Obama. I actually think national Libertarian voting numbers will go up. However, a buddy of mine says no. He thinks every Libertarian hand on deck will vote the devil we don't know to get rid of the devil we do know. Maybe.

It must just frost the media's ass to think that all of that pre-election rhetoric, poll cherry picking, misleading data, and outright lying might go for naught. The truth of the matter is- this election is looking uncomfortably close and leaning Romney already- at 730 PM mountain time.

I think Romney will get NC, VA, and FL. Ohio and Michigan are still early.

I think Romney wins this. I actually thought he'd be doing better. Just the possibility that I will not have to listen to that lying, worthless, vacationing, golfing, bought off banker lackey any more is reason enough to kind of root for Romney.

I can't say I hate Obama, I just detest him. Wait till we see how many people he pardons. I am expecting a huge list from a man who counts William Ayers and Tony Rezko among his friends.

I am paying close attention to the Moonbat stronghold of California tonight because I am just dying to see if those idiots vote for all of those tax increases. So, I'll be up for a bit updating and editing as we go. Posting surprises if there are any...

*Update.  Everything went south on the GOP and Romney about an hour after I originally posted this. I am leaving this post just as I wrote it. Crow makes a very nice casserole. God help us. It's like a nightmare. Eight years of Clinton, eight years of  Bush, now eight years of this moron. It'll take a miracle to save the Republic.


Anonymous said...

I wish you had been right. Four more years.

shakealeg said...

RIP America.