Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If You Are a Libertarian Voting for Romney... aren't a libertarian. In fact you aren't even a Republican. You are a squish Republican and at worst a liberal because Romney is no party adherent. In fact, his positions on socialized health care and gun control put him squarely in the moonbat camp.

I am so sick of reading people all over the internet claiming to be libertarians yet voting for a squish.

I am going to sum this up. Please go to the libertarian site. If you agree with 90% of the platform positions, if you want government out of your life, then maybe you are a libertarian. If so, stand up and be counted. Be loyal.

Quit voting for elite bastards like Romney- that have nothing in common with you- simply because you think they are a lesser evil. Millions of people say, "gosh I am really a libertarian but my vote won't count unless I vote for the lesser evil"

I got a newsflash for you. Your vote hasn't counted for 24 years. We've had 24 years of horrible governance with the Federal government expanding and taking over our lives. If you want to expand their takeover some more- go ahead and sell us out. Tell me how Johnson has no chance while pulling the lever for Romney. Did your vote count? For what? Bush? Obama? Clinton?

This country will die while you continue to vote for the two choices the elite in this country give you every four years. They have rigged the game. They provide you with an illusion of choice. They don't give a shit who you vote for because they just want to maintain the status quo.

Romney is a banker. A leech. These are the same guys who bankrupted this country.

So you go ahead and pull the lever for Romney. But don't call yourself a libertarian. The libertarians, like me, will be voting libertarian. We know we can't win. That will continue until one day when millions of Americans wake up and think...maybe we can win. That will be the day when Americans quit voting for losers.

Vote well of not at all. A vote for the lesser evil is still a vote for evil.


Dave said...

If your a libertarian, vote that way. We have a qualified candidate on the ballot. Make the vote count. Vote for him.

Marcus said...

Government is just another word for organized crime, so go ahead America, and keep voting for these rich fuckers who don't give a shit about you, never have given a shit and never will give a shit. Vote for your own enslavement and then sit around on your fat asses, wondering (if you have any brainpower beyond that of a gnat) where the hell your once fine country disappeared to as you continue the descent to the level of third world shithole. Republican, Democrat, fuck 'em both. The only difference between the two is how quickly they drop to their knees when big business, or their bankster buddies, come calling.

Anonymous said...


You sound like you have a chip on your shoulder. Anyway, i'm just wondering - and i hope you can enlighten me - exactly WHO do you think should be president that actually gives a shit about YOU?

My guess is it would have to be GOD.
For the rest of the people here who really think they are making a statement by voting for mr. johnson, i recommend you tune up netflix and watch "Dreams From my real Father". Remember every vote for johnson, in effect, is a vote for our "Dear Reader". Your libertarian vote helps to ensure that someone who can get on the national stage and tell the biggest lies even about who and what he is without blinking an eye will have 4 more years to screw our national pooch.

republicanmother said...

Woo hoo! I won't be a squish! I'm only embarrassed that it took so many election cycles to get a clue. More Americans would identify Libetarian than either Republican or Democrat. This is the future, if they don't pull the hammer and turn us into a total North Korean situation where you vote for the dictator or go to the gulag.

Brian said...

Anonymous has precisely the mindset that has kept us mired here- that is the mindset that allows the elite to control our two choices every election cycle and allows the government to grab more and more control- stripping us of our money and liberty.

A vote for the lesser evil- is always evil. Get on out there and do what they want you to do. They can always count on you.

Marcus said...

You beat me to it, Brian. I was going to tell anonymous that there is no way I will ever vote "strategically" by casting a ballot for Romney. No way. If anonymous is afraid that the votes against Obama will be split, thus allowing the greasy little turd to waltz into the White House again, then I suggest that he and every other Republican vote Libertarian rather than demand that every libertarian vote Republican. I'm not splitting the vote, anonymous, you are. As far as having a chip on my shoulder, if that is the same thing as wanting to live my life free of government oversight and government control, wanting to control my own destiny rather than have it controlled by some collectivist control-freak who can't even count his balls and come up with the same number twice, then I've got a chip on my shoulder that's bigger than the Rock of Gibraltar, and I'm damned proud of that chip.

Brian said...

Well struck Marcus.

Anonymous said...


I want to preface my comments by saying i have never, and never will work for either the democratic or republican parties. I have never worked for any political institution.

Normally, i could care less how you vote. That is the truth. Today is different. We have never had a muslim in the whitehouse. We have never had a con artist with as much communist upbringing, as little experience, who has committed more CRIME, payed more cronies, and generally speaking, been more of a scum bag then we have dishonoring our executive office as we do today. I don't think ANY of us can argue against these facts.

My argument to you today is that we must eliminate, AT ALL COST, that which is obamafraud. I am pleading with you and the many who read this site to put your politics aside and consider the math needed. The argument you are making - a political statement - pales in comparison to what i believe should be your patriotic duty to remove the felon in office by the only means we have at our disposal: VOTING. Please reconsider this if you are thinking of voting for johnson. Your vote for johnson, even with the noblest of intentions, AIDS AND ABETS AND ENABLES obamafraud. You cannot deny this.

Thank you for allowing me to express my opinions uncensored.