Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Mystery Solving Is Hard Work

Trestle where they hanged Frank Little, Aug. 1, 1917
Well all three of my battle plans were rendered useless by 11 A.M. Silver Bow County DMV was no help, the Coroner wasn't in, and some of the records that I need are in Deer Lodge.

This picture is a head frame. I trespassed to get the shot. A neighbor watched me the entire time. Probably thought I was going to spray it with gang graffiti or steal some wrought iron. Who knows?

Head Frame, Used To Wrench Men, Equipment, and Rock To The Surface

Perhaps I will just stick to shooting pictures. Forest fires causing a lot of smoke.

This is a sweeping view east of Butte. Note the smoke.
I had breakfast in the M and M Bar. I would give it a 6 on the 1-10 scale. I was kind of underwhelmed. I left there and walked up the street. I did manage to bullshit with a gal in the Hennessey building for about an hour. We had a lot of childhood friends in common as it turns out- so I had to get caught up on some of the scandals and deaths. That sort of thing. When I told her that I was in Butte looking at the Frank Little death she asked who his kids were. Amazing that she has lived in Butte her whole life and did not know who Frank Little was.

Here is a pic of "Pisser's Palace" in Walkerville. Do not go in there. Ever.

I did have a pasty at Joe's Pasty Shop. Then I went up to Walkerville. ^^

Here is the state of the art, Walkerville F.D.

 More photos to bore you people to death with. Go ahead and cancel your subscriptions. See if I care.

 My eyes are still burning. The Berkeley Pit. Up high by the Granite Mountain Fire Memorial.

The Berkeley Pit with it's nasty ass- goose killing, boat motor propeller dissolving water. This cost me two bucks to get in. The gal in the gift shop wouldn't budge. She stopped short of calling me a cheap ass.

Here is a picture of the girl in the Berkeley Pit Gift Shop. She put up with my shit like a professional. I asked her, "What is some lame shit people say when they come in here?" She said they "wanna see the hole in the ground." So yea I think to myself, that's pretty lame. If people said that to me, I would glare at them and in a stern voice I would say, "Get out of here." I bought a really expensive copper bracelet, like 13 bucks. Maybe she will get a commission.

Deals well with smart asses.
I've got one more stop to make. I am going to talk with the Sheriff tomorrow. I think I went to school with him. I came to Butte with high hopes but it looks like I am going to have to do all of my record searching the old fashioned way. By snail mail. I am also glad that I didn't take Elvis up here. Inhaling smoke at 80 MPH just doesn't sound like that much fun to me. So anyway, I'm gonna get the hell out of here tonight. The guy in the room next to me is playing a harmonica.


PISSED said...

Hey .. that's pretty funny , someone had sent me the picture of "Pissers" place last year sometime. Told me I should open a bar. Not sure if it was you or not?

Hope you have a good time and solve your mystery :)

Dave said...

These are some of the most interesting posts you have put on your worthless subversive blog. I envy you being able to go exploring and investigate on your own time. Good Stuff.