Thursday, August 23, 2012

This Is How Mitt Romney Cheats- An Effective 13%*Updated Tax Rate on 250 Million

For the record, I detest both the Democratic and Republican parties. I vote Libertarian. This fall I will be casting my vote for the only proven non professional liar or tax cheat. I will be voting for Gary Johnson. A guy with an actual track record of success. With a platform that doesn't change.

People still believing in this dysfunctional two party system and thus voting for one of the two big party candidates- continue to support our national dysfunction. Voters do that when they mistakenly believe that they MUST vote for one of these two parties or their vote doesn't count. That type of pretzel logic leaves us mired in this eternal, political tar pit. We can never escape this two party hell until a majority of people wake up. It's like Sonny and Cher singing day after day in the movie... Groundhog Day. The song, "I Got You Babe" seems appropriately titled for the millions of voters who buy into this two party nonsense. Over and over and over.

I don't like Romney. He's an elite tax dodger who behaves like a liberal. If you feel like you have to vote for somebody like Romney because they suck less than the alternative- you should read this.

Personally, if these were my only two choices- I wouldn't vote for anybody. Bankers have installed both of your choices. The banking elite are in control of the election outcome- long before the hoi polloi cast their ballots. Think about that.

*Imagine my shock when the lefties posted this article a few hours after I did. Yahoo.

Vote well or not at all.

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