Monday, June 25, 2012

Supreme Court On the "Theory" of Immigration Law

Today the Supreme Court issued their ruling on Arizona's immigration law which upheld a police officer's right to check your citizenship status.

In the decision, not once did I see anyone refer to the Federal Government's absolute failure to enforce existing law. So here's where it gets funny. The Supreme Court is forced to rule on the theory that the federal government is actually enforcing the law.

In other words, nobody is addressing the real problem- which is a government that fails to do the job that it assigned itself. That's why we have government. To protect us and our borders. We don't hire people to do nothing. They either do a job or they don't. In the real world, we eliminate the people who do nothing.

Every time I fired someone who did nothing- I gained productivity. Funny how that works.


Gary said...

Enforcement is the duty of the executive branch, not the judical branch.

It is not the fault of the court that drooling, mouth-breather voters elect liars and whores to Congress and the White House.

Anonymous said...

Janet nalitano wasted no timetelling Aeizona that ICE will not cooperate when the police call to say they have an illegal person in their control. In other words, the Obama administration is giving the finger to Arizona, SCOTUS, and to the rest of us. Nothing new, unfortunately.

Gary said...
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Gary said...

A ball-less and spineless Congress has created the Imperial Presidency. The executive branch cannot spend one cent without the bill coming from the House first. Since 1933 Congress of their own free will has chosen to allow Presidents to do whatever they want.