Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm For Arnold

This moving shit is for young people. Not. for. me. I shall die in this house. I just hope it ain't this week.

Great news this week. I gotta tell ya a story. Now see- I used to police for the rich and famous. I refused to work private security for them but I always let the staff do it. One of the people that the 'boys used to provide security for was Arnold S. and Maria Schriver.

Now the boys were good cops. Pretty good judges of character and they loved Arnold. Arnold is a man's man by every measure. He is also a libertarian which blends perfectly with his Austrian background. Arnold has no business in Moonbat valley. He does not belong there or in California.

The boys hated Maria Shriver. By every account they would tell me what a bitch she was. In fact, the boys said she would send her kids out to tell them to do things rather than talk to them herself. The kids were like 6 or 7 years old back then. That security detail was in a nice place just north of Ketchum and dried up rather quickly.

Anyway, when news of Arnold's love child broke, I giggled. Arnold for all of that male DNA- is about to get chastised like all men do, ala Tiger. You ever notice how cheating women never get lit up? Like if women cheat, they were entitled to?  I'd love to put that Maria on a polygraph and find out just how faithful she has been. That would be some funny shit.

I don't consider Maria the catch of the century. Prissy, spoiled, and an entitled product of the elite. Give her half your shit Arnold and get out. Plenty of women out there and some pretty nice ones. Divorce costs a lot because it is worth it.

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rawmuse said...

Maybe he just wanted offspring away from the Kennedy line. I predict this kid will turn out alright.