Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Defenders

When I was a kid, we often played some sort of "cops and robbers" type of game. With real BB guns and ski goggles. We never really cared which side we were on, I think we just enjoyed shooting at each other. One other thing. Getting hit in the forehead with a BB hurts. I remember it well.

When I was 11 or 12, I witnessed a murder. A drunken little weasel of a man with a knife. In a bar called the Helsinki Club. We were just kids and the first thing that bartender did that night- was to kick us out of the bar. The police station was one block away. I'd like to think that I chose to be a cop. But I think it chose me instead. It took me about 35 years to figure that out.

There are three types of people in the world. There are sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs. Here are the roles that they play.

The vast majority of people are sheep. They are prey animals. They are honest, hard working people. They go about their business of making a living. They don't gouge, cheat, or steal. They are not greedy. Very often they are completely unaware that the wolves are after their wool and sometimes- their flesh.

The second largest group of people are the wolves. They are completely self absorbed and committed to their desires above all else. They think nothing of fleecing the sheep as long as they can get away with it, legally or illegally. They are very cagey. Wolves always try to act friendly to gain the confidence of the sheep whom they prey upon. They never disclose their agenda which is always the same. They win- you lose. The criminal Wall Street banking class are wolves.  I believe President Obama, without question, is a wolf.

The smallest group are the sheepdogs. They understand that the wolves exist to prey on the sheep although the sheep are often unaware. The sheep dogs' role is to protect the sheep from the wolves. The sheep dog asks for nothing and receives nothing for his vigilance and protection. Sheepdogs do not prey on wolves or sheep. Sometimes sheepdogs grow to dislike, perhaps even hate, the wolves.

In life, that's how it shakes out. It is always best to know who you are dealing with. Is this a sheep, wolf, or sheepdog? Is this guy a wolf masquerading as a sheepdog? There is always one sure fire way to identify a wolf. Do they act selflessly? Do others benefit from their actions? Or do they always seem to have an agenda that benefits them while damaging others?

Sheep sometimes become wolves or sheepdogs. Wolves never become sheep. Sheepdogs can never become sheep or wolves. The roles are defined.

To this day, nothing bothers me more than seeing the sheep get fleeced by the wolves. To watch as millions of hard working and tax paying citizens were literally robbed in broad daylight by a cabal of bankers and politicians still infuriates me. That the wolves have tried to cover their tracks for three years now with talk of bullshit recoveries, gerrymandered numbers, and lies- simply defies belief. How much longer can this charade last? Not much longer.

I view websites like Zerohedge as the Mother Ship of Defenders. A place where the sheepdogs congregate to formulate a defense against the wolves. We know who the wolves are. We know how the wolves operate and we know what they are after. This country is in serious need of some sheepdogs, some more defenders. We've got plenty of the other two kinds.

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