Friday, March 25, 2011

Critical Mass...When Exactly Did We Lose Control of Our Country?

What I'm about to write today is true. It's going to piss some people off and it should.

If you are a citizen of this country, you have a responsibility. You have a responsibility to become informed and educated about your government and it's leadership. In fact it should be a moral and civic duty. If you fail to take an active interest in government, you do U.S. citizens a disservice. Your apathy sucks. It is contagious and it is killing our country.

I actually know people who forbid any talk of government or politics in their home. I suppose that's within a home owner's rights. A cowardly homeowner. 

I started blogging about the time Hank Paulson ripped US taxpayers off for 1 trillion and later wrote a book about how he "saved" us. I cannot tell you how many times I have dreamt of meeting that asshole at a cocktail party someplace. Perhaps I will meet him at one of those homes that forbids talk of politics.

When exactly did we lose control of our country? I think we could argue any number of dates including 1913 and the creation of the FED. I have given this a lot of thought over the years. When was the precise moment when Americans said screw it- there's no point in worrying about government? What we think does not matter. I have a date. It was July 19, 1969.

On July 19, 1969, Senator Teddy Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick. At best, Senator Kennedy was just a drunken piece of shit and a coward. At worst, he was a murderer. We will never know for sure. We will not know how long Mary Jo survived in that car. What we do know is this. Kennedy was never charged with manslaughter or murder. His family paid off the Kopechnes'. He was never charged or tried because of his status and a few cowardly and morally bankrupt prosecutors. Mary Jo Kopechne died that day at Chappaquiddick. So did any sense of fair play and justice in America. That was the day when the elite and powerful, and government said "fuck you." We're giving Kennedy a pass and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

That's the day I point to. That point in time when doing the morally right thing and setting the example still mattered. That's the day when Frankenstein Government unveiled our two tiered criminal justice system. They continue to rub our noses in it to this day. Nixon, Clinton, Obama. Wall Street fraud and a global, economic catastrophe. That's why people say fuck it. But that doesn't make it the right or morally responsible thing to do. There is a civics lesson here.

The next time some coward criticizes you for having an opinion on politics, please send them this piece. Tell them that our country was hi jacked by cowards sometime around Jul 19, 1969. That there are still a few of us that believe in being informed, trying to act responsibly, and do the right thing. And just because we are the minority, perhaps, doesn't mean we are on the wrong side of this. Or that we are going to go away because the cowards don't like the subject matter.  


Cheryl Pass said...

I love this post! I do this walk back sometimes, too, asking where did the ship start going down? I think our ship started being attacked from the very beginning, but we held firm for a while. What does that say about the corruptibility of men? 100 of the last 250 yrs...going downhill? I don't like to think about it..
Shame and moral outrage have been replaced with false pretenses, fake forgiveness, and the incredible loss of basic core principles. I hope you always keep your moral compass pointed north and keep speaking up!

warner44z said...

I posed this exact question to Google tonight and this article came up. I already knew the answer but didn't realize it until I read it here in written words. My exact feelings and the beliefs I was raised by. Now I know how to make others aware of how much it has cost us all (those 45 and older) by just ignoring the lessons we were taught by our parents and grand parents. Today we are in this mess because we didn't follow the lessons and pass them on to our children so they understand how import it is to stay involved and informed of civics and the country is ours NOT the government that works for us. Now is the time to regain our personal obligations to each other and take back control, and re-instill the greatness and the freedom our fathers, mothers, brothers and all of those who raised us to believe we the people are in fact our own keepers as laid down by the constitution of the united states of America. In god we trust...amen.

Greg Fritz.
I’m one of many American who still believes we can make it back to the honorable and respectful country we lost 40 some years ago.

Brian said...

Greg. Thank you. You sound a lot like me.

The country is unraveling as we speak. If we had any kind of moral compass- we'd default now and not pass this debt burden onto our children.We would take responsibility for our errors. But we won't. The politicians will see to that.

We might have a sliver of hope that we can get our country back by peaceable means. Personally, in a couple years if this has not changed- I think the only way we are going to get our country back is at the end of a gun barrel. They aren't gonna go away quietly.

Thanks for stopping by..


Anonymous said...

I agree with the real beginning....1913. The major turning point however was 1963 when a duly elected president had his head blown off. He was not coming out of Dallas alive on Nov 22nd and Oswald was the story that they had decided to go with before Kennedy even arrived in Dallas. This was the event that showed the operators of our government how easily the American people accept whatever it is they decide to do. Each step gets a little more drastic than the last. Now we have accepted terrorism, that had to be created so that we sit by and watch them pass the Patriot Act less than two months later. It couldn't have happened without a galvanizing event like 911 preceding. Republican or makes very little difference at this point. George W. Bush did more to expand government into our lives than any before him. Obama gave us mandatory health care. Fox News showed the only real statesman the door during the election.

We've got our work cutout for us to get this country back.