Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Will Work For Doof, May Dog Bless

Geezus that shit is funny.

I have a friend, a former San Diego cop, that claims they used to have the San Diego bum olympics. He showed me a picture once of a bum pushing a shopping cart with more shit in it than you could put in an F-250 pickup truck with an eight foot bed. They gave this dude some sort of a medal.

But my favorite SD bum story was that of a dyslexic vet holding a sign that said "will work for doof, may dog bless." My friend, a Marine Corps vet, has the appropriate standing to poke a little fun here. If he stumbles in well... I'd sure like that photo.

At any rate, I just edited some older blogs with phrases and grammar that even I couldn't understand.  That's what happens when you have an idiot for an editor.

Check your work. Never write faster than you can see. My apologies to Mrs. Easter's third grade English class.

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