Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Short Bus Cometh

I have seen this quote of President Obama's in three or four different commentary pieces. This is Obama's summary and conclusion of OUR problem AS he sees it. I'd like you to read President Obama's "analysis." Then I will offer up my "analysis." In all fairness, the term "analysis" was offered up by the original writer. Analysis being a much more palatable and enriching term than "opinion." The term "opinion" is reserved for dunderheads; those of us who can only aspire to be analysts.

Out on the campaign trail, Barack Obama has given us his analysis of why his party is headed for significant losses in the election nine days hence.
"Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now," said the president for whom politics did not seem so tough in 2008, "and facts and science and argument do not seem to be winning the day all the time is because we're hardwired not to always think clearly when we're scared. And the country's scared."

By the way, does Harvard teach people to talk like this? Is this what a quarter mill buys you? To talk to people in such a veiled and diminishing way? Think about his choice of words for just a minute...
Just what facts, science, and argument is our President referring to? That must mean the real, credible facts- the ones us slow types don't have access to or if we did- we couldn't comprehend anyway.

We are not "hard wired" to think clearly. Only Obama and the Party have access to the magic wiring that makes people think clearly. We are smarter than you seems to be his message.
Just how does a country get scared? Are all of those slow, cloudy thinkers, just pussified? Hiding in the dark, filling out convenience store applications? Warily sneaking out of their trailer houses when the short bus arrives to give them a ride to the polls?

Politicians love vague and non specific statements like this. They can always back out. "That isn't what I meant." It is impossible to make conclusions or assumptions about millions of people or what they are collectively thinking. Quite honestly, voters have been provided a target rich environment. Nor can I offer an opinion in good conscience because the sad part about being brilliant such that I am, is that I am smart enough to know that I don't know shit. This high level of frontal lobe function is the direct result of me having made the same mistakes Obama does and getting them shoved up my ass. At some point, the resultant pain of having an ass the size of a breadbox brought about the realization that given enough pain- we eventually are able to see our mistakes and make adjustments. Pain motivates us. This I did of necessity.

To that end, by all means Mr. Obama...please keep making these vast, simplistic, and non specific characterizations, litter them with your opinions, judgments, assumptions and conclusions. Disguise those disparaging remarks. Please President Obama, do not self examine or take any measure of responsibility for the mood of the country. For as certainly as you do, it will delay that day when your ass swells to such an extent that you will be forced to make adjustments or suffer in pain. Any potential postponement of that day will ultimately delay and prolong our rebuilding process.

And while Obama purports to know why the country acts the way that it does, I cannot. All I can tell you for certain is how I think and feel. So I've addressed those generalities from above as I see them.

That someone holds a similar view might be possible...

We are bankrupt. The bankruptcy of the U.S. and the transfer of what little wealth remains might have been JOB #1. The utmost priority. This does not include 15 vacations, 26 golf outings, or photo ops of you and the children licking ice cream cones or peddling around Martha's vinyard with a helmet on- the outlines of which are mindful of the Creature From the Black Lagoon or that critter in "Enemy Mine."

I am hardwired to sense bullshit at 1000 yards. This occurs anytime I hear someone making vague and non specific judgments and conclusions. Opinions do not become facts despite the self declared expertise of the speaker. Calling "opinions" analysis- is just a clever way of calling an asshole a rectum. This type of verbal alchemy fails when somebody hardwired to sense bullshit at 1000 yards points it out or heaven forbid, asks the speaker to be specific and support his argument with facts. I think being specific and citing facts is responsible. In fact, I generally accept that people who do so, "are thinking clearly."

I am not scared. I am angry. I am angry that a bunch of statists, including you, are busy spending money on bills they haven't read and thus ordering me to purchase a product that I do not want. This at a time when we are bankrupt. Threatening me via an illegal law that has no legal precedence. Stealing my freedom- using my money like it's yours. Letting the FED inflate my savings out of existence and allowing thieving banks to get whole. Trying to bullshit me that there is nothing wrong with the economy via the jerry-rigged and manipulated BLS numbers I see each month. Letting banks buy stock and creating the illusion of healthy markets. I could name a few other things like canning that Inspector General, making recess appointments and statist appointments to the bench. Still kinda like to see that disappearing passport and a few other missing documents.

The short bus is coming. It is filled with people like me. People sick of being lied to, tired of looking for jobs, weary of getting hosed by bankers and the Fed. Some of us are tired of watching you take vacations and not coming up with a plan. Eloquent speech works for a bit but at some point, you have to roll up your sleeves. Us slow types are waiting. So characterize us as you will- it won't change a damn thing. I think I hear the short bus coming.

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