Sunday, October 3, 2010

The FED and Money- An Explanation for Dummies Part 4

So if the FED is as bad as we think that it is...what is the alternative, the solution?

A fiat currency produced by the government, issued in ample amounts for commerce to take place. End the practice of fractional banking and leverage. Quit paying interest. Quite simply, get rid of the middleman banker who produces nothing, does nothing.

Fiat currency works. You cannot "back" a currency such as ours with gold. Quite simply it's not possible. All of the gold known to be in existence today would only fill 3 Olympic size swimming pools. If every currency on earth were to be backed by gold, (they are all fiat- almost) gold would get priced in the stratosphere. In fact, countries on the gold standard have suffered mightily. The fall of the Roman empire occurred when Caesar switched to the gold standard. The same is true in the United States.

The reason many people think the gold standard is effective is because it stops the people who control and increase the QUANTITY of money. That's true. Inflating through printing dilutes the value of a currency and that is precisely what the FED is doing now. We can control this ourselves. We don't need an artificial backstop such as gold to prevent this nor do we need to enrich the bank accounts of greedy international bankers such as the Rothchilds'. We can do this ourselves with a little common sense and discipline.

It is important to remember one thing. We only have one currency. Printing and issuing currency, thus controlling the quantity, is a MONOPOLY. You cannot deliver a monopoly to a non competitive private interest. They will pillage you. It is human nature.

So what pisses me off the most? In 2008, Hank Paulson ripped us off. He painted a sky is falling scenario and pillaged the American taxpayer. He took the better part of a trillion bucks and delivered it to banks. Including a huge amount to his previous employer, Goldman Sachs

There was an alternative. Let the banks all go broke. Put them all in receivership like the law prescribes. The solution was to end the FED right there. Re-issue a new currency controlled by the United States government and replace private FEDERAL RESERVE currency. Adios bankers.

Why didn't they? Paulson is part of the problem. He is a banker and a scandalous one. The scheme, and I think it is a de-facto conspiracy, has to end. The American people are angry. They are out of work, they've lost their houses, and their wealth. They were ripped off. And they are getting hosed by the sneaky and insidious practice of inflation- diluting this nations wealth with programs such as quantitative easing. Busily trying to repair the bankrupt balance sheets of the banking system and avoid reporting true losses through some of the most creative accounting methods that no person in their right mind would allow. And we are going to pay mightily for this with inflation. I am seeing it now.

Every time I listen to Ben Bernanke, our latest version of the cartel's head, I want to throw up. It is such a charade. Bernanke doesn't give two shits about public service. His agenda is simple. Protect the FED's way of life and it's shareholder banks. It is that simple. Even if it means stealing every last dime from the American people. Time's "Man of the Year." Like he saved us.

Audit the FED and get rid of it. Print a government owned and controlled national currency. Use that currency without interest to pay off our debts and restore our way of life. As long as the banking cartel can convince us their is no alternative, we are held hostage and captive. There has always been a solution- the existing banking cartel just has no interest in disclosing it.


Rough Carrigan said...

Ironically, those supposedly socialist Swedes had a similar situation confronting them in the early 90's and let their banks fail, temporarily took them over then sent them back out into the market.

Supposedly free market America made everyone a serf of the banksters.

Brian said...

Ahh..the road to serfdom. We may have found it.