Friday, October 1, 2010

The FED and Money- An Explanation for Dummies Part 2

It's not really necessary to give you an entire history of money. If you would like an excellent albeit long account, I am going to suggest the "Secret of Oz." This is an excellent movie that details that history. See it here:

Accumulating money is the human story of greed. From it's inception, men have coveted the safety, luxury, and power of money or wealth. That is the common denominator that runs through the history of money, indeed the history of man. The practice of "banking" arose as a direct result of men loaning someone else's wealth. A practice that enabled bankers and money changers to obtain wealth without producing anything. Of greed.

I had a friend once describe the situation perfectly. He asked, "Is everyone trying to make the greatest amount of money with the least amount of work?" How could I deny that? I suppose on some micro and individual scale I could. On a general basis, I could not.

Bankers found a way to do precisely that. They loan something they don't even own to begin with. At interest. Something given to them for safekeeping. They soon noticed that once someone had placed that source of wealth with them, rarely did they come back and retrieve it. Thus they saw the opportunity to exploit the situation. They loaned those deposits. They charged "interest" for loans. They created money to exchange. And in so doing, they created money out of thin air. The principal loaned had to be re-paid with interest.

So human greed is the basis of banking. Those who "loan" the money or the wealth of others and the people who "borrow" money from others- hoping to make money beyond the cost of interest on that "loan". Truly, it is that simple. Greedy bankers are just middlemen.

Has that practice changed over the centuries? No. In fact, today's events, the economic collapse of the entire planet- is a direct result of greed and that practice. What has brought about this current economic collapse was leveraging "money" in an attempt to create vast amounts of wealth. Greed gone wild. I want to tell you a secret. Our latest boom was engineered. The world's bankers, the FED, knew precisely how it would end. They increased the money supply dramatically just as they did in the roaring 20's. It was done- on purpose. We'll talk about why a little later on.

That billions of people accept this banking practice as true and thus real- is a real head scratcher.

You have to remember a couple of things. The history of men and money is very new. A couple of thousand years is hardly an eternity. People have been trading labor and valuable items as "money" since the beginning. It has worked in some way until the introduction of banking and most importantly, "interest." That was where the whole thing went awry. But we bought into a belief system that said there was no other way. This way was convenient. The bankers desperately want you to believe that. Because if they can make you believe that- it is true.

The Revolutionary War was about money. Money is power and control. You can take away power and control if you take away somebody's money supply. This in fact is precisely what we did when we left England and it also why we had that Revolutionary War. The King saw the great potential and wealth in America. He wanted his slice. He lost his ability to exert power over our wealth. He sent the stamp act. He sent armies and we sent bullets.

Now if you don't take away anything else here, please understand three things. Never forget them.

It is ALWAYS the SUPPLY of money that runs this planet, that causes booms and busts. That is the tool they use to control us and extract our wealth.

Money is a DEBT instrument. Money only exists as debt. The entire system collapses when no new money can be created because nobody is taking out loans at interest. That's the world we are in today. The bankers game is almost over.

And most importantly, the elite bankers and people making gobs of money from you- can only do so as long as you remain a DUMMY. They don't want you to know there is an alternative because if you knew that, the bankers couldn't pillage all of us dummies. That is precisely why Hank Paulson was able to steal one trillion dollars from us while our government facilitated it- we just watched in awe. We engaged in debates. That we let the FED and government do that is when we lost control of our country. The blogs I wrote back then still exist. I found myself in so many arguments that I finally had to give it up.

Here's the sick part. The FED knew exactly what they were doing. Bankers know money. And they issued debt and created money like there was no tomorrow. And that greed has always caused the collapse of banks, recessions, and depressions. They got rich. And to this day, not one of those bastards has seen the inside of a criminal court room or been charged with fraud.

As long as you are a DUMMY somebody out there will prey on you. That's how the system works. We call exploiting the uneducated by the educated- business. That's a shame because we have lost integrity, honesty, and trust. If we could find a way to sell ice to eskimos, or life insurance to the deceased- trust me when I tell you that some unscrupulous and greedy bastard would. And he'd find a way to make it legal and call it "business."

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