Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Need Dough? Let's Crank Some Out!

You know, there is nothing illegal about printing your own currency. And as I pondered the implications of this, it dawned on me that the tax advantages could be huge.

In fact, IRS would get down right neurotic. Just the thought of that makes me smile.

Here's some places printing their own.

Now I want you to stop for a moment and ponder this. Could we do any worse than the Central Bank and government?

Here's my thought process. What if we lined up an entire supply chain, printed our own money and backed it with something that had value. Like gold. In fact, the printers would agree not to print one dollar more than they had backed by precious metals. And our new currency could be exchanged at any time for a like amount of gold, silver, nickel, copper. Held in reserve until the metal was replaced. No fractional lending ever. Signed and agreed to.

Would our new currency have real value? Of course it would. And it would replace that worthless fiat currency that the government has been issuing. In record time.



CompleatPatriot said...

Yeah sure dude, why don't we just pick up a couple pounds of blow and head on down to Watts and set up shop, should be able to get a clunker old crack house no problem, cheap, and under cut the other dealers in the local vicinity say by, 35%, just don't want to piss em off to bad, ya got me son ? May need some Kevlar again either way ya go with this, I'm in, but I'm warning you I will not go to jail...Boom or death, no bust for me.. ha ha

CompleatPatriot said...

We are riding on the Titanic, we just rammed the ice berg, now we are in full reverse to ram another ice berg to fix the first dent we made, if you come across the plug in the bottom of this tub, please pull it and toss it over board.. Somebody needs to put this old bitch down..

Brian McNary said...

I liked your metaphor. Except that printing money, unlike dope, ain't illegal yet. And unless government has a way of housing 300 million folks in prison...

So whats gonna happen, is people are going to quit paying taxes. Guys like you, working for cash. Thats the next big wave coming...we'll see it show up after tax day.