Wednesday, February 10, 2010

AT&T Combat Info Update

Today, I got a call from Tiffany who stated she was attached to the office of the President of AT&T. They wanted to discuss my FCC complaint. Where is the FCC? Aren't they supposed to sit in on my behalf? Maybe that 14 grand I sent in last year wasn't enough to merit a phone call. Maybe Frankenstein used my dough for food stamps, bond interest, student loans, or any number of other programs that government has no business meddling in.

Anyway Tiffany said the call would be recorded. I said great. Let's talk.

They could not find my year and four month lost in space 100 dollar rebate. My bill has escalated from Nov.- 63 bucks to Dec.- 83 bucks, Jan- 109 bucks, then 114 bucks for Feb. Tiffany said I owe them 306 bucks. I say 63 x 3 =189.00. Minus 100 bucks for the missing rebate. Let's see, 89 bucks.

She said, "that amount was in dispute." No shit.

Thank gawd, I don't have data. I'd need a bank loan to pay the bill. AT &T would probably slide in some sneaky language that web data was only available on my phone from 2-3 a.m. Otherwise it would be 10 bucks a minute.

What can I do for you Tiffany asks? I want my plan back, my 4200 rollover minutes back (or compensated), my 100 dollar rebate, and my old bill back. The 63.00 dollar one. The one you made me sign a 2 year contract for.

Those are some pretty unreasonable demands. That's how I roll. Mean. Ford tough.

Tiffany said she'd get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. You'd think an attache' working for the President could settle something as simple as an out of control phone bill right then and there. Just lean across that boardroom table and give the Prez a little wink.

My backup plan? I can live without AT&T. Really.

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