Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miracle Worker

I have a friend who works for Glock. The have a poster on the wall entitled, "Glock Salesman of the Year." It is a picture of our fearful leader staring off into space.

I am a half century old. I have seen a couple things in my time. Things which are accepted fact among idiots like me. We know that cocktail waitresses and strippers get boob jobs in Vegas. A tennis ball behind the gun rack and back window of your truck will keep your gun from rattling around. And Massachusetts never elects a Republican to the Senate or the House, ever.

When our fearless leader talked about hope and change, I'm not sure this is what he had in mind.

I had a feeling it would turn out this way.

It doesn't take moral courage to go to college. It doesn't take moral courage to teach for 12 years. And it doesn't take moral courage to think you have moral courage. They just don't teach guts 101 at any university.

Obama is the kind of guy that thinks being President is all about him. He has no substance.

It would have taken great moral courage to stare the American people in the eye and say that we have to take our lumps. To say that we created the banking fiasco and now we have to put those institutions into receivership. We have to let GM and Chrysler fail. We cannot rescue losers and punish winners. We have to get our debt under control. No cap and trade bills, no health care bills, no more spending until we pay what we owe already.

That takes moral courage. The same kind of moral courage that Lincoln had when he sent half a million US kids to their deaths. When Obama made Lincoln comparisons to himself, I nearly went into convulsions. Sorry Barack, but I don't think they're gonna chisel the outline of your head at Mt. Rushmore anytime soon.

Obama just doesn't have a resume that screams moral courage. He has a resume that screams "slacker." Talkin' game and having game, are still two different things.

I'll tell you this. If Massachusetts starts electing Republicans, brace yourself for more miracles. We may see flat chested girls serving up cocktails and lap dances in Vegas, or cowboys playing tennis and saying things like "fifteen love."

No shit.

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