Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Got Balls?

I've been following a couple of stories this week. Incredible stuff.

I've been trying to decide which incident took more balls. Crashing a Presidential party and embarrassing the shit out of the Secret Service or walking up to four police officers in a public place and executing them.

I am a cause and effect guy. I immediately ask the question, were these people drunk, high, mentally ill or some combination of the three?

I mean just when did their minds say, "Hey I got a great idea. Honey, why don't you jump into that red dress of yours, I'll throw on a tux, and let's go sneak into Obama's party?" I mean, what's the goal here? Publicity? Are they swingers? Did they have some undisclosed agenda or fantasy? Were they seeking a cabinet post? Did they pay their taxes? What was the motivation?

Or all that hatred. "You know, my life is horrible. I am doomed and without hope. I mean I simply can't change my life. It's the cops fault. I think it would be a real good idea to walk down to the coffee shop and kill a bunch of them. Killing people will make me feel better. Man, I need revenge."

Interestingly enough, both cases require giant balls to pull off. And both involve the invisible hand of government. The ineptness of the great Secret Service is on display. Thank God, we pay a small army of people a fortune to do this kind of work.

But Clemmons, now he is special. A career criminal who was released by Arkansas Governor Huckabee based on the sole word of the presiding judge and some reports. Like the cops that investigated that case had no insight or no value. Let's not ask the people positioned to have the greatest insight, like the police who investigated this dude, but instead rely on a letter generated from a judge who only had access to filtered information in a sanitized court room. That makes sense.

Huckabee got a few minutes on O'Reilley's show to defend and justify his actions. Scatter some blame with Bill's help on a couple of judges in Washington State. In the end, all they represent to me is government. Without balls.

Meet today's "We got balls" contestants below. The second clip proclaims, "It's Not My Fault."


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