Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Obamas Favorite Dessert...Who Writes This Crap??

Today is Veteran's Day. We are fighting two wars, we have skyhigh unemployment, a national debt roughly the size of Rhode Island, and more domestic problems than you can shake a stick at.

And somebody takes the time to write this stuff? And somebody else takes the time to read it?

I don't give a rat's ass about Obama, his wife, his kids, his ugly dog, his pizza chef, or his pastry chef, how big his penis is, or his golf game.

I do however care about my country and the people that died trying to defend it so that dipshits like this could write stories about pastry chefs.

Man, I gotta tell ya. If this stuff doesn't smack of Nero fiddling while Rome burns, I don't know what does.

Make sure you thank a vet today for his service. Show some gratitude and respect for the things that matter. Obama or his pastry chef? Er...not so much.

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CompleatPatriot said...

If you think America is really free - try speeding sometime,try to smoke mary jane because you don't like poisonous alcoholic beverages, try to sleep on public property because you have lost everything due to crooked bankers and governments who protect them and not you, try to not pay your property taxes on your home you own free and clear, and watch them come remove you from it and take it away from you, try and keep all your income you created with your two hands because you know the truth that it is not constitutional for them to force you to voluntarily comply, and not one law says you must comply, try doing anything on public lands or even your own private lands without a permit, You think free speech is real, and we have open markets in America, ask your self then why does the author of this reply own several American written books, not allowed to be published or brought forth into the market place for you to have the opportunity to choose them for your self, soon in free America we'll have GPS meters on our cars, meters on our private wells, meters in our wrists via RFID chips with all our health and banking info on it, United Nations environmental police home invasions to inspect your carbon footprints, all based on the hugest hoax (global Warming) orchestrated in history $15,000 health package minimum coverage, try not complying with this nonsense, five years in prison, $250,000 fine, try speaking out about it, posting the truth all over the web, the SILENCE ROARS. The yoke is there, whether folks care to see it or not, take the blue pill, cowards can live another day if their lucky.. YAA, thanks a bunch Vets...