Friday, November 20, 2009


Hope springs eternal. Huge news day.

The Federal Reserve, a PRIVATE bank, is adamantly opposing this bill. Claiming that it will hinder it's independence and trying to scare us with inflation worries. The fact that we can't audit the Fed, which prints our money, is prima facia evidence that the bank is private.

There will be inflation irrespective of the audit measure.

In the Senate, flaming liberal Barney Frank will try to undo this bill. CNBC reporting that previous Fed Chairs Volcker and Greenspan have signed a letter opposing the audit bill.

Two crooked bankers and one crooked, pot smoking Senator in opposition? What better reason do you need to support this bill??


CompleatPatriot said...

Actually what you are seeing is the owners of the Federal Reserve, which is the World Banking Empire based in London, their are many proofs to back this up, documents and such, even Congressional Documents in fact. So more evidence supports the truth which is that it is a Private Bank, owned by the largest Corporation on Earth..Any how what you are seeing is the intended self destruction of this branch of the World Bank, via a systematic set of failures and quite possibly a set of audits, and eventually the people will be led to believe we need to get rid of this thing, thus the people will think they did this, when in fact this is being orchestrated, and the new idea, which will eventually lead us to a global currency. One World Government, Religion, Currency, One big happy serf community.. Some day you'll get it.

Brian said...

I get it.

You see, I don't really care what the intent is or who the orchestrator is. I am simply after the willingness to take the first step which is what auditing the fed is. You can't walk 20 miles if you are unwilling to take the first step...

CompleatPatriot said...

I would rather buy the fed out for the agreed upon 450 Million buy out clause which is in the original agreement made in 1913 and side step the audit. See my blog at our old stomping grounds, the creator of the insurance script (FRNs) is the sole owner of those notes, according to those laws we own nothing and they own it all. All though watching and audit of pure perfected fraud could be very amusing..

CompleatPatriot said...

" I don't really care what the intent is or who the orchestrator is."

I find this strange, what is the difference between these clowns and a serial killer, or serial rapist, or clowns using banking fraud, wars, and acts of terrorism, to bring down Liberty, private property rights, and so on, they all will repeat if we let them..

I say expose them and cut off their nuts.