Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Patients are Running the Asylum

I follow a few blogs. Most of them are listed on the blog roll.

I don't have a bazillion folks following what I write. Not yet, anyway. You see, a lot of people don't understand how important blogging is.

Blogging is the 2009 version of Paul Revere. It is Upton Sinclair. It is 60 Minutes. It is free speech in the purest sense. Free speech is unity. There is freedom in unity.

Bloggers can "monetize" their blogs- which is to say, you invite advertisers into your margins and text. Some bloggers agree to this, thinking that what they have to say is so uniquely attractive and mesmerizing that it is worthy of some justifiable revenue. Perhaps. But once they do that, it is no longer free speech. What they write is paid for speech. I will never monetize a blog of mine. Because the minute you do that, you become a slave to the whims of your advertisers. Telling you what to write, how to write. Viagra ad in my margin. No profanity. Not me.

Fuck 'em.

I am trying to picture Paul Revere with a Nike swoosh on his colonial hat. Or Tom Jefferson wearing a Harley Davidson sweatshirt.

I just ain't seeing it.

Our means of communication has never been greater. Instantaneously. Worldwide with one keystroke. It will be a sorry ass day indeed if we allow anyone to render this technology useless. And as the issues of our day get worse, or as our Frankenstein government takes more and more from us, perhaps we will say "enough."

Enough will be spoken here. It will not be spoken by the Mainstream Media who are slaves to their corporate masters. Enough will not be spoken by politicians who lie and pillage. Enough will not be spoken on TV where corporate governance regulates what will be said and what will not be said.

Enough will be spoken by writers. It will be spoken on You Tube. On cellphones. One day, the insanity bloggers write about will become common knowledge. It will become accepted fact. There will be no need for credibility or a Harvard Business Degree so that a guy like me can tell you how money is created out of thin air by a privately owned bank that we can't even audit.

One day, these facts will become known. And when that day arrives for you, it might come courtesy of a modern day Paul Revere hammering away on his laptop. Warning you about this Frankenstein monster with a screw sticking out of his head coming your way. That will be the day when the crazies appear sane, and the sane appear crazy. That's how it is for us.

Welcome you Candid Conservatives.

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alan said...

Good grief what have we here. All i did was stumble over my slipper this morning - fell onto the damn keyboard and what I got here? a satirical comic review? ( i gotta go look that up, tho)