Friday, October 30, 2009

Obama Claiming He Created 650k Jobs

That's probably the number of bounty hunters the IRS is going to need to collect taxes this year.

That GDP number, 3.4 yesterday, included the one time aberration of "cash for clunkers." That was 1.7 or half the total. Not to mention all of those people rushing out to buy shacks and claim that "free" 8k tax credit. Real GDP, not this manufactured variety, was probably much closer to 1%.

Here at Frankenstein Government, my analysis of the effectiveness of Obama is that he has lost over 4 million jobs and that is simply the number that they will confess to. God knows how many jobs have been lost and frozen as employers wait to see what their new tax rates are going to be and just who is going to pick up the tab for socialized government run health care.

I snipped this quote from a CNN Biz New article. Hey dude! You want a job writing here?

Facebook User5:30 am

What a complete and utter fraud. Government doesn't "create" jobs and it sure doesn't "save" jobs. This is the Obama administration making it up as they go along in an attempt to defend their massive spending and attempted takeover of every aspect of our country. Who would have thunk, just a year ago, we'd have government "firing" CEO's of private businesses, reducing salaries of private businesses, high level gov't officials calling Mao their favorite philosopher that they look to most, and a White House at war with private citizens who dare to disagree with them. Jefferson was correct when he said "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." I refuse to remain silent with our "government" is full of enemies of our way of life and are doing their best to both take our government away from us and silence it's enemies. Defend it if you will, but know that they'll come for the willing dupes after they first silence the opposition.

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