Friday, August 11, 2017

Aesops Fables: Finding Russkies

There once was a woman who coveted power and wealth. She would do anything if it meant enriching herself or elevating her status so that she could control the outcome of things.

She was childlike in that when she did not get her way, she would throw tantrums. But mostly, like her secrets and dirty deals, that was kept hidden for one does not gain power and wealth by acting like a baby in front of others.

One day, there was a great election. The woman was sure she would win. She had snookered the people into thinking that she was a decent human being and the prize, tremendous power and wealth, were there for the taking.

But not all of the people were snookered. She lost the election. Disbelief and anger followed. She threw such a giant tantrum that she could not even appear in public to congratulate her opponent. When asked why she lost, the woman blamed everyone she could think of but herself. It must have been the russkies she lamented. The same people who she had snookered then began a grand search for the russkies who had stolen the election from her.

Of course there were no russkies. But that did not stop the snookered people from looking very hard and wasting hours, days, weeks, and months looking for those allegedly clever russkies. The subject of our fable can find Russkies easily, Russkies with money.

Moral of the story. Don't be a conniving, pig headed bitch. Take responsibility for your failures for they are many. Don't blame others. Grow up. Many of us learn this as children.