Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Things Are Tough All Over

I remember it like it was yesterday but this little piece of oratory had to be 4 years ago. A guy in an AA meeting said life and the way you see things will get better- but that doesn't mean your health will too.

Truer words were never spoken.

For the last 4 months I've had rash after rash. All over kinds of rashes that have caused me to undergo two rounds of steroids and gawd knows how many sleepless nights.  I have eczema on my hands and feet. That's new. I've lost a few teeth and my new implants didn't work- now I have a permanent bridge. I collected a monster superficial blood clot on my left knee and it's been really painful. It's going on two weeks and that bad boy is finally leaving me. (I've had 30 or so over the years- I have a factor 5 clotting problem.)

And then there was today.

At Sportsman's Warehouse, I parked my Ultra Glide- all 800 pounds or so. I did not get the kickstand fully extended and it collapsed. I tried to stop the impending fall but I tore my hamstring trying to hold the bike up. It was at least 10 minutes before I could even consider lifting the bike- with help. I rode it home but I have to tell you that I am not trusting my left leg.

No I don't have pictures.

My mother, years before she died, said she had made a pact not to talk about all of her medical problems and physical issues with her childhood friends as she got older. She always laughed about that as she sought help for cancer, chemo treatments, circulatory problems, rides to various doctors, hearing problems, and the dentist because chemo destroyed the teeth she had left. By the time mom passed away- that body of hers had been stretched to the limits.

Maybe we just live too long nowadays.

Tonite I was at the casino cashing a ticket when a friend asked "what's wrong with your leg?" I smiled, winked, and said "nothing."

Dropping that bike was nothing that I wanted to relive. Nor did I want to tell someone what a dumb ass I was. Once was enough.

Tomorrow I am leaving on a vacation to the left coast hauling 33 feet of home. Legs or no legs. It is summer and I'm not missing it. Blood clots and hamstrings be damned.

Thing are tough all over. Mom would be proud.



Compleat Patriot said...

You sound acidic.. maybe should you try alkalinity on for a while.. Lemons brother.. Juice one in ten ounces of water every other day.. No sugar.. It's called lemonade for a fking reason Brian..

Compleat Patriot said...

maybe you should.. sorry..

I feel like a million bucks.. Leafy foliage, blended fruits and herbs, lemons..Braggs apple cider vinegar.. Organic baking soda.. Just a dab here and there man.. green smoothies green soups, fruit smoothies, eating and blending lemon peels.. I am one alkaline mo fo...

I just bought a Dyna six speed 96 cubes.. I'm no longer a has been.. I'm going riding..

Brian said...

I'm gonna try that bcuz I know the benefits of alkalinity. So proud of you- make sure the kickstand is down.

Compleat Patriot said...

Love ya brother.. keep on keepin on.. Every breath you take is a finger in the enemies eye...

Coop 77 said...

Read a book by Jill Virgin. The virgin diet. 21 days to find out what your allergic too! Awesome!

Black Prince said...

G,Day from Australia,
You take care,Now this may help I read about cornflour from a story when I was about 12 or so about the American indians, not sure what tribe,but they used cornflour for rashes etc,About thirty years ago when Our first of 4 children arrived,he had bad nappy rash my wife tried all types of creams etc that the chemist/doctors said but nothing changed.
Then I said use cornflour my wife said don't be silly then relented on goes the cornflour after a nappy change(no disposables for us) and lo and behold the rash clears up within 2 days so it was corn flour for the other 3 children when they came along.
I always had a fascination for Natives of all lands before so called civilisation,religion came along.
In Australia the native females had a berry that they used as a contraceptive, barks of a tree crushed and thrown into a pool or stream with fish would paralyse the fish and they would float to the top.We have lost all these skills and knowledge through ignorance or big Parma's.
But I degrees try the corn flour it may help.
Take care
I hope to be over in the USA next year for another road trip, I rode a Ultra Glide through Bossie in 2010 coming from Sturgess.