Monday, October 12, 2015

It's Been a Hard Three Weeks, The FG Update

I thought I'd give you guys my latest update. I've been trying to write but just not feeling up to it.

My right eye surgery happened on Sept. 23rd. For the first week, I had to sleep upright in a chair. During the second week and throughout most of this week, I had a gas bubble in my eye. It eventually went away yesterday.

Throughout this entire time, I've had continual throbbing headaches. My vision in that eye is still so blurry that I keep it closed. Mostly, I just sleep throughout the day.

In 2003, I hit a Ford F-150 at 40 MPH on my motorcycle. It broke one arm, chipped the other elbow, cracked  a few ribs, and I had the usual road rash and various lacerations.

I have to tell you, other than the cost, if I could pick one mishap over the other- I'd probably take the motorcycle wreck over this. I will never forget the morning I woke up after that wreck. I mixed a little beer with Vicodin to get  to sleep that night and when I woke up the following morning- I never felt so much pain throughout my entire body. Elbows, arms, ribs, wrists, legs, It was pretty bad. I remember thinking about those guys who break everything- arms and legs. That has to be some serious pain. So I've seen, it can always be worse.

The good news is that the worst of it is over. My vision is still blurry. I still don't have much energy but I'm gonna see the doc tomorrow. Thankfully, I have five days of football to watch each week, it's playoff time in baseball without the Yankees, and every day it gets just a wee bit better.

My eyes and my vision have been near perfect my entire life. My vision has always been something I took for granted. Not anymore. If I can get this eye functioning somewhat normally again- I've made a commitment to myself to make sure I see a few things on my bucket list before anything like this happens again.

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